In The Course

What can you expect to

experience and learn

from your

Higher Level Hypnotherapy

Training Course?

Everything you need

and more...

What to expect...

* Learn the exact Techniques and Protocols to Help Your Future Clients               Achieve Important Goals such as:

  • End Addictions

  • Manage Weight

  • Release Anxiety

  • Enhance Sports Performance

  • Become a Confident Public Speaker

  • Accelerate Learning

  • Take Tests and Exams with Ease and Confidence

  • Increase Monetary Abundance

  • Eradicate Fears and Phobias

  • plus MANY More Issues and Areas of Interest

*The History of Hypnosis

*Rules of the Mind

*Understand the anatomy of the Brain and Its Functions

* Your evolutionary Brain and its Relationship to the Hypnotic State

* How the Subconscious Influences Attitudes, Emotions & Behavior

*The meaning of Altered States and how to achieve Altered States

*Formulas and Techniques for Hypnotic Induction

* Pre-Hypnosis Interview (with practice sessions in a safe environment)

*Different Types of Clients - How to Test and How to Proceed

* Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions Around Hypnosis

* Hypnosis Deepening and Testing Methods

*The Laws of Hypnotherapy

*Hypnotic Language Patterns

*Hypno Analysis

*Hypnotic Regression

*Past Life Regression

* Introduction to Pain Control and Accelerated Healing. 

* Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

*What is Will Power and how to Use it Effectively

* Self-Hypnosis Training

* How to Teach Self-Hypnosis

* How to Design and Plan Client Sessions

* Plenty of Live Demonstrations

* Plenty of Live Practice

*Ethics in Hypnotherapy

*Code of Conduct and Best Practices

*Enjoy the benefits of participating in relaxing hypnosis sessions as you learn

* Affordable one-on-one mentoring available by Alana Belik as needed upon  completion of the course

**Special gifts** INCLUDED for FREE with your course

BECOME A CERTIFIED LIFE COACH with Alana Belik's Practical Life Coaching Online Course,

AND with Nancy Neff's help you will DESIGN A BUSINESS PLAN 

so that you are prepared to launch your business  the day after you graduate from class!!


Only $1999 USD 

Pay full price at time of registration, or

Pay $100 deposit to save your seat and take advantage of an easy payment plan:

$100 by January 30, 2022 (to hold your seat - non refundable)

$699 by March 11, 2022

$699 by April 11,2022

$699 by May 11, 2022 

Contact Nancy or Alana at if you wish to use our payment option.   

*Class schedule 2022 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM (EST)
Saturdays: March 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 30. May 7, 14, 28. June 4, June 11
Sundays (Intensive weekends): March 27. May 29, June 5
*Additional 110 hours of self-study required for full certification 


Higher Level Hypnotherapy
Certification Class
Elevate Yourself. Elevate Others.